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The 7th Edition of Krakow Jazz Autumn has drawn to a close

From 3 October to 2 December, there were two grand climaxes featuring over 50 musicians from 13 countries in 25 concerts, ranging from chamber recitals to a finale with an orchestra taking the lead role. We were visited by the current improvised music scene’s elite as well as legends who […]

Barry Guy

Barry Guy New Orchestra

A veritable feast for fans of improvisation. We begin with three days of concerts at Alchemia featuring small groups (20, 21, 22 November) and then finish off with panache with a concert featuring the whole group (23 November) in Manggha!

Hamid Drake

Hera Xl feat. Hamid Drake

“But what if we let the music simply come into being, gave it space and waited to see what would occur?” This is the question that has been posed by Wacław Zimpel, the founder of Hera. The primary aim of this project is to enter into a musical trance which breaks through barriers between the stage and audience, facilitating a spontaneous exchange. That is why Hera play live. Their music passes through continuous transformations, eluding successive attempts to describe or classify it.

Hamid Drake

DKV Trio

The DKV Trio is made up of the musicians DRAKE, KESSLER and VANDERMARK, all of whom there is surely no need to recommend to any fan of improvised music. The amount of projects in which they have taken part is impressive.

Peter Brötzmann

Peter Brötzmann + Konstrukt

This time, Peter Brötzmann has linked up with Konstrukt – a high-energy experimental free jazz project created by musicians from Turkey.

Peter-Brotzman-fot K. Penarski

The Damage Is Done

Four distinguished personalities, four of the most esteemed musicians on the global jazz scene, four instruments and cosmic onstage energy. This will be an exceptional concert!

Tim Daisy

Tim Daisy Solo

An unusually talented percussionist, Tim Daisy is one of the mainstays of the Chicago jazz scene (the so-called young Chicago). Tim was one of the musicians there at the “birth” of Krakow Jazz Autumn.


Mikrokolektyw + Małgorzata Haduch

Their first trio encounter took place in Wrocław in 2011 within the framework of the Free Body Music series. Together they embody an electrifying clash between experienced improvisers, characterised by a free relationship between themselves, as well as reciprocal provocations within the music and space. Haduch, Majewski and Suchar, by seeking their own path in spontaneous composition, constitute three strong personalities and energies continuously interacting with each other.