Peter Brötzmann + Konstrukt

Peter Brötzmann
This time, Peter Brötzmann has linked up with Konstrukt – a high-energy experimental free jazz project created by musicians from Turkey.

Brötzmann began his musical career (at the end of the 50s) playing in Dixieland bands, dividing his time between playing in these and his art studies. By the mid-60s, he was already declaring himself to be a musician involved in the nascent European free jazz scene.

He founded (with Peter Kowald and other musicians of a similar persuasion) the FMP (Free Music Production) label. In 1968, an album was recorded which brought Brötzmann a lot of publicity – Machine Gun. It is still regarded as a European free jazz masterpiece. He has also collaborated with many musicians, such as Don Cherry, Albert Mangelsdorff, Cecil Taylor, Globe Unity Orchestra, Nicky Skopelitis and others, headed by Ken Vandermark, on the Chicago scene.

He founded the Die Like A Dog quartet (with the Japanese leader Tashinori Kondo and the American William Parker and Hamid Drake) and the Chicago Tentet, featuring Chicago-based musicians (including Ken Vandermark, Joe McPhee, Hamid Drake, Jeb Bishop, William Parker). One of his stand out projects is the Live in Beirut album, a duo with Michael Zerang which was recorded in Lebanon and alludes to the newly emerging improvised music scene in Beirut. Together with saxophonist Mikołaj Trzaska, he founded the North Quartet, whose rhythm section is made up of Peter Friis Nielsen and Peeter Uuskyla.

Brötzmann is chiefly known for helping to cement relationships between various avant-garde musicians. He mobilizes people, and this naturally leads to the creation of albums, groups and new collaborations. He is a person who is ready to play with anyone, in any possible lineup and in any possible place. He has conferred a punk rock mentality on free jazz: he plays many concerts, has released albums on his own label, has never compromised musically in order to win fans and always maintains a distance from commercial record labels and promoters.

 (Source: diapazon)




Konstrukt display incredible energy levels and create music in various lineups that different musicians, e.g. Evan Parker, Marshall Allen and Jurg Solothurnmann, are invited to join. Konstrukt represent a clear ideal: an approach, symbiosis, creativity and sound which blooms. Current members: Korhan Futaci – saxes, Umut Çaglar – guitars, electronics, Özün Usta – drums, percussion, Korhan Argüden – drums.

Wednesday 31.10.2012 / Manggha / Peter Brötzmann + Konstrukt

Peter Brötzmann (Germany)reeds
Korhan Futaci (Turkey)saxes
Umut Çaglar (Turkey)guitars, electronics
Özün Usta (Turkey)drums, percussion
Korhan Argüden (Turkey)drums