The 7th Edition of Krakow Jazz Autumn has drawn to a close

ikona KJJ

From 3 October to 2 December, there were two grand climaxes featuring over 50 musicians from 13 countries in 25 concerts, ranging from chamber recitals to a finale with an orchestra taking the lead role.

We were visited by the current improvised music scene’s elite as well as legends who have been helping to create international jazz’s image for many decades. And all of this was observed by music journalists from Europe and the USA. The great Peter Brötzmann treated us to three incarnations of his musical sensibility, playing with both young musicians and legends from the The Damage is Done group.
The DKV trio – composed of Ken Vandermark, Hamid Drake and Kent Kessler – came over to Europe for one concert, but not just to adorn the festival’s stage, for they were also here to celebrate the premiere of the “Past Present” album released on the Not Two label.

Finally, we had the unique opportunity to host the famous New Orchestra – led by Barry Guy.

As if it were not enough that the orchestra performed in its flagship lineup featuring veterans of improvised music as well as the emerging generation of big stars of this scene, it also bewitched audiences at Alchemia with a complete array of small-scale lineups selected from among its ranks.

The concert given by Ames Room was the “icing on the cake”.

We are beginning to count down the days to the next Festival and are already planning a spring edition at the club – Jazz@Alchemia – as a foretaste of what is to come in the next Autumn.