16th Krakow Jazz Autumn, November, 24–28th (2021)

“Don’t try to understand, just listen,” answered the great Krakow composer Bogusław Schaeffer when asked once how contemporary music should be understood. Reams has been written on how avant-garde, demanding and elitist contemporary improvised music is. The slogan of the 16th Krakow Jazz Autumn is both simple and inclusive: just […]

Photo exposition – “The Ex Unlimited”

In the frame of the Krakow Jazz Autumn Festival, we invite for a photo exposition “The Ex Unlimited”  dedicated to the Dutch band The Ex and guests who perform with them. The installation is an original idea by Małgorzata Haduch and its realised in collaboration with Mostowa ArtCafe. There will […]

Paulina Owczarek

The Polish improvised music scene

From its very inception, Krakow Jazz Autumn has not only featured stars of the international improvisation scene and provided a stage for the most interesting phenomena in this genre from around the world, but has also served as a forum at which particularly promising artists on the Polish scene have an opportunity to show what they’re capable of.

Krakow Jazz Autumn 2013

Autumn is nearing and with it the Krakow Jazz Autumn, a festival that in its 7 years of existence has established itself one of the most important festival scenes not only in Europe but around the world. Some of the most versatile and dynamic musicians of the improvised music scene today have starred at the festival, with Peter Brötzmann, Anthony Braxton, Barry Guy and Ken Vandermark taking the lead, giving both concerts and also as artists-in-residence.


SWEDISH AZZ – Krakow Jazz Autumn Preview

Swedish Azz is a tribute to two exceptional figures in the history of Swedish jazz, baritone saxophonist Lars Gullin and pianist Lars Werner. The first of these was profiled in prestigious American magazine Down Beat in 1954, which regarded him as the most interesting new jazz artist even though he had never crossed the Atlantic.


Krakow Jazz Autumn Reverb – SVELIA

From north to south the members of this band have gathered to play music and improvise. SVELIA is a collaboration of five Swedish & Australian musicians. Here, influences from both the European and Australian jazz and improvisational scenes are fused together.

Krakow Jazz Autumn Reverb- NOISEZONE

Noisezone is a new avantgarde jazz project that came to life in Basel, Switzerland. Trio of musicans: Sebastian Smolyn, harnessing a storm of sounds coming from his E-Trombone, his brother Artur, generating vast range of convulsive, electronic noise attacks and Daniel Buess, empowering both with thrilling rythms of his percussion.

Krakow Jazz Autumn Reverb Majkowski/ Trzaska

Mike Majkowski Double Bass, graduated from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2005 completing his Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies with first class honours. He has performed nationally ad internationally with a number of Australia’s jazz greats including Mike Nock, Dale Barlow, Dave Panichi, Kristin Berardi, Elana Stone, Vince […]

ikona KJJ

Krakow Jazz Autumn Reverb

We have the pleasure of informing all free jazz fans that we have created the “Kraków Jazz Autumn Reverb” to help them “hold out” until the autumn. During this cycle, we will be organising free jazz concerts alluding to the Festival’s ideals. We wish to invite musicians to perform on […]