This American band may turn out to be the biggest surprise of the festival. They combine jazz, noise, hip hop, electronics and African music, often in just one song.

The band was formed in 2012 in Austin, Texas by Norwegian bassist Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (Atomic, The Thing), a collaborator of such artists as Ken Vandermark, John McPhee or Paal Nilssen-Love. He has released almost 30 albums, the latest of which is En Las Montañas de Excesos (Self Sabotage Records, 2018), a joint project with Chris Cogburn, Henry Kaiser and Bob Hoffner. Flaten lived in Chicago and was a part of the local improvised music scene, but in 2009 he decided to settle down in Texas. He is joined by guitarist Jonathan Horne (White Denim, Plutonium Farmers) and saxophonist Jason Jackson (who has collaborated with Leroy Jenkins, Pauline Oliveros and William Parker), trumpeter and rapper Jawwaad Taylor (known for his solo project Jawwaad and Shape Of Broad Minds), drummer Stefan Gonzalez (Akkolyte, Curtis Clark Trio), and Frank Rosaly, who’s worked with Peter Brötzmann, Jeff Parker, Roscoe Mitchell, Thurston Moore and Louis Moholo.

The name was inspired by a social project for teenage mothers in Houston (Project Row Houses), and one of the co-founders of this project, the renowned sculptor Jesse Lott, is the author of the graphic design for the band’s second album, Morose (Super Secret Records, 2018). In an interview for Glide Magazine, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten says “a lot has changed since I initiated this band in 2012, it has grown into its own thing with a truly collective spirit. I created a monster and it’s time to let go.”


Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (NO) – bass, doublebass

Jason Jackson (US) – alto, tenor & baritone sax

Jawwaad Taylor (US) – vocals, trumpet & electronics

Jonathan F. Horne (US) – guitar, vocals

Stefan Gonzalez (US) – vibraphone, drums, vocals

Frank Rosaly (US) – drums


TICKETS : 30 PLN in presale, 40 PLN on the day of the show

Pupils and students of music schools and colleges, as well as musicology students can buy tickets for each concert at the price of PLN 10 (admission upon showing ID).

WHEN: Nov, 4th 2019


START: 8 pm


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