The BLUE SHROUD BAND residency

The BLUE SHROUD BAND residency will give their final concert of the composition "all this this here"

Distinguished musicians from all over Europe, from Spain to Norway, led by English double bassist Barry Guy will premiere his composition “all this this here” in Krakow. The piece is inspired by the final poem by the Irish playwright and essayist Samuel Beckett with his highly personal meditation on language.

The textual layer also features works by Irish poet Barr Ó Seaghdha and haiku from the Edo period. As Guy himself notes, this is a unique project for him: “After the band’s stunning performances of my piece ‘The Blue Shroud’ over the past few years, it was an exciting time to find a collection of writings that would send me on a new compositional journey.”

The Blue Shroud Band is an ensemble of individuals, accomplished musicians and brilliant improvisers. Each artist has successfully pursued their own musical careers, while at the same time coming together from time to time to perform Guy’s new compositions. As part of this year’s Blue Shroud Band artistic residency, the talented Greek singer and scholar of European singing history, Savina Yannatou, will appear on stage with Guy. Guy’s long-time artistic partner, violinist Maya Homburger, Catalan pianist Agustí Fernández, violinist Fanny Paccoud, Spanish percussionist Ramón López and saxophonist Torben Snekkestad will also be present.

The world premiere of the composition “all this this here” will be preceded by four concerts in the more intimate line-up of the Blue Shroud Band – from 24 to 27 November for audiences in Alchemia Club.

BLUE SHROUD BAND – the final of the residency with a full line-up:

Barry Guy – double bass and conducting (UK)
Savina Yannatou – voice (Greece)
Agustí Fernández – piano (Spain)
Ben Dwyer – guitar (Ireland)
Percy Pursglove – trumpet (United Kingdom)
Maya Homburger – violin (Switzerland)
Fanny Paccoud – viola (France)
Marc Unternährer – tuba (Switzerland)
Torben Snekkestad – soprano / tenor saxophone / trumpet (Norway)
Michael Niesemann – alto saxophone (Germany)
Per “Texas” Johansson – tenor saxophone / clarinet (Sweden)
Julius Gabriel – baritone saxophone (Germany)
Lucas Niggli – drums (Switzerland)
Ramón López – drums (Spain)

8 p.m.
Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury
Tickets: 30 / 40 pln
Passes: 120 pln, available for sale until November 27, 2021 (covering all concerts as part of the artist residency)
Fot. K. Penarski

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