This project of three supremely talented representatives of the Polish jazz scene is to a large extent a result of a joint performance in 2014, which gathered a large group of musical personalities during the Warsaw Ad Libitum festival. It was the Ad Libitum Ensemble led by pianist Augusti Fernandez during his festival residency that gave Strycharski, Majewski and Wójciński the opportunity to play for the first time together, as well as with improvisers from various musical circles. After a few years, the three musicians will meet again.

Dominik Strycharski is a well-known Polish composer of contemporary music, improviser, flutist, known for mixing jazz with electronica and noise music. His flagship, well received project Pulsarus is just a fraction of the musician’s rich portfolio. His projects Prophetic Fall, RHplus, Myriad Duo, Band Fx, Max Klezmer Band, To Tu Orchestra, Intuition Orchestra, and Babie Lato have also been recorded in the spirit of experimental music.

Trumpeter Artur Majewski is another extraordinary figure in this group. Known primarily for playing in iconic bands such as Robotobibok and Mikrokolektyw, he has also cooperated with Rob Mazurek and Jeff Parker from the famous Chicago Underground Collective.

Ksawery Wójciński is a versatile jazz double bass player, known for his wide range of interests – from the avant-garde to folk music. He has performed with Wojciech Jachna, Uri Caine, saxophonist Charles Gayle, Michael Zerang, Nicole Mitchell and Marco Eneidi.

The live performance of these three artists promises to be absolutely captivating and may just turn out to be one of those concerts that will be remembered in years to come…


Dominik Strycharski – flutes

Artur Majewski – cornet

Ksawery Wójciński – double bass


TICKETS : 30 PLN in presale, 40 PLN on the day of the show

Pupils and students of music schools and colleges, as well as musicology students can buy tickets for each concert at the price of PLN 10 (admission upon showing ID).


WHEN: November 21 



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