SAX RUINS & D.U.D.S. ( Special KJA)

During this year’s Krakow Jazz Autumn we will yet again get the chance to see one of the world’s best avant-garde percussionists – Tatsuya Yoshida. He’s been making music for over twenty years now, and managed to build a brand for himself as an unconventional, versatile artist with a unique style. He has collaborated with great names of both jazz and rock, like the psychedelic group Acid Mothers Temple, the progressive rock power trio Korekyojinn, the noise band Zeni Geva, and the legendary avant-garde Painkiller (with, among others, John Zorn, Bill Laswell and Mike Patton). He’s also played with pianist Satoko Fujii. However, one of his most important children is Ruins, the formation with which he is most associated. Established in 1985 initially as a bass-drum duo (according to legend, the guitarist didn’t make it to the first rehearsal), this time the band will perform for us in its second incarnation, where the bass parts are translated into saxophone, masterfully played by Ryoko Ono. The saxophonist is part of the improvised music stage in Nagoya, she also performs in jazz, rock, funk and hip-hop bands, and is a studio musician. In 2007 she founded her own group Ryorchestra.

The music of Ruins is difficult to pigeonhole, because these crazy, futuristic compositions (lasting from a few seconds to a good dozen or so minutes) are a tour of almost all musical genres – from classical jazz, through punk rock to metal. But it’s always characterized by unusual precision. The compositions are broken, usually with a difficult to grasp meter, and often accompanied by incomprehensible vocals that can be whispering, screaming, and everything in between. The Quietus summed it up best in the review of Yawiquo: “It is nuts”.

Most importantly though, this bizarre recipe is really pleasant to listen to and draws the listener from the first note. Seemingly modest instrumentation in the hands of these skillful musicians makes for a breathtaking, sophisticated musical performance that you simply must see live.



Tatsuya Yoshida (JP) – drums

Ryoko Ono (JP) – alto sax w/effects



This young band from Manchester has already managed to generate a lot of buzz in the three years that they’ve been playing, gaining some well-deserved media attention and positive reviews. The key to their success is a curious mix of musical explorations – from a crude, post-punk approach to songs, to sophisticated rhythmic solutions that jazz lovers are so fond of. This honest approach to music is also manifested in the raw, garage sound of this seven-person band – they don’t pretend and don’t take themselves too seriously, leaning more towards DIY culture. Their latest recording, Of Nature Or Degree, is testament to that unique approach. So it looks like we’re in for a powerful evening with D.U.D.S. and Sax Ruins. We might just find that those two seemingly very different acts have surprisingly much in common.


DATE : 19.11.2018 (Monday)

VENUE: Alchemia, ul. Estery 5

TIME : 8 pm

TICKETS : 20 PLN in presale, 30 PLN on the day of the show

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