Innovative and controversial.

Founded in 2012, the trio LOTTO has garnered praise for their second album Elite Feline, which was hailed 2016’s album of the year by the influential Gazeta Wyborcza. As the website Nowa Muzyka aptly puts it, “What is characteristic of LOTTO’s work is a reduction of rock/jazz avant-garde to minimalism, discipline, restraint and building a very cohesive space”.

Elite Feline is an inconspicuously crafty album which builds up tension slowly but steadily, inviting the listener into a labyrinth of minimalist sounds that with every step evolve more and more into something that feels like a hypnotic storm. And like every great album, it sounds like it was recorded without any effort whatsoever.

The accomplished musicians behind LOTTO – bassist Mike Majkowski (Hailu Mergia Trio), guitarist Łukasz Rychlicki (Kristen) and drummer Paweł Szpura (Wovoka) are not only known for being magicians capable of closing beautiful sounds in a record – they’re also an impressive stage act. Live, the trio skillfully develop their studio ideas, that’s why their show is a must for all enthusiasts of original sounds.

Łukasz Rychlicki (POL) – guitar

Mike Majkowski (POL)– bass

Paweł Szpura (POL) – drums

TICKETS 30/40 pln

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