Krakow Improvisers Orchestra & BARTOSZ NALEPA

Krakow Improvisers Orchestra is a collective well known to lovers of improvised music, especially to the regulars of Krakow Jazz Autumn. The audience will surely remember their collaboration with Japanese piano virtuoso Satoko Fujii two years ago.

This group of experimenters brings together musicians from many worlds – those with academic background and those experimenting with free jazz.

The idea driving KIO is conducted improvisation, which is based on a collective reading of signs and signals (in the form of graphic scores) referring to basic musical elements. In short – it is composing live music in front of the listener. The structure of the performed piece is open, so the score itself does not have to be predetermined, giving the conductor room to improvise, and the musicians the freedom to read their signs.

The group, which was founded by saxophonist and conductor Paulina Owczarek, is inspired by the work of ensembles such as London Improvisers Orchestra, John Zorn’s Cobra, and Discordian Community Orchestra. The ensemble has collaborated with well-known figures from the world of improvised music, including Andres El Pricto Rojas (Spain), Patryk Zakrocki, Marta Dramowicz-Wojtacka, and Miroslav Tóth (Slovakia).

During this year’s edition of Krakow Jazz Autumn we will witness the true interdisciplinary power of conducted improvisation. The music will be accompanied by paintings painted live by the renowned artist Bartosz Nalepa. The audience can therefore expect an extremely engaging spectacle, a unique joint creation of artists from various fields of art.

Marcin Bożek (PL) – French horn

Tomek Chołoniewski (PL) – percussion

Brianne Curran (AU) – violin

Marta Dramowicz (PL) – piano

Sebastian Mac (PL) – guitar

Adam Nyk (PL) – vocals

Ernest Ogórek (PL) – double bass

Paulina Owczarek (PL) – conducting, alto sax Aleksander Wnuk (PL) – percussion

Malwina Kołodziejczyk (PL) – tenor sax

Anna Bogdanowicz – vocals

Wiktor Krzak – bassoon

Liliana Zieniawa –  vibraphone

Bartosz Nalepa will be painting live during the show.


TICKETS : 30 PLN in presale, 40 PLN on the day of the show

Pupils and students of music schools and colleges, as well as musicology students can buy tickets for each concert at the price of PLN 10 (admission upon showing ID).

WHEN: November 28

WHERE: MANGGHA MUSEUM, Marii Konopnickiej 26

START: 8 pm

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