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A day later Léandre will be joined on stage by two equally uncompromising and creative women of the improvised music scene.

The Scottish singer Maggie Nichols and Swiss pianist Irène Schweizer will once again join forces with Léandre as Les Diaboliques, in what is expected to be an extraordinary show. The trio was founded in the early 90s (what’s worth noting is that it will be the 75 year old Schweizer’s first appearance at Krakow Jazz Autumn).

Schweizer and Nichols have known each other from their time in the Feminist Improvising Group (FIG). The group was active from 1977 to the mid-90s. In 1980, Nichols left the band to form another all-female ensemble – Contradictions. In 1983 they rebranded themselves as  The European Women’s Improvising Group (EWIG). That year Léandre joined them. Being a part of the band had a major influence on her.

Irène Schweizer

Irène Schweizer

Over the years, Nicols, Léandre and Schweizer have collaborated with Pauline Oliveros, John Stevens, Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, Anthony Braxton and Phil Minton. They formed Les Diaboliques in 1990. The trio combines each of the artists’ formidable talent with an incredible sense of humour and a penchant for rebellious satire.  “Les Diaboliques” and “Splitting Image”, released in the early 90s, have become mandatory listens for every fan of improvised music. Every performance the band gives is not just a chance to witness great talent – it’s a chance to take part in an event that’s meticulously crafted, funny and unpredictable. It’s a melting pot of musical genres and an unforgettable performance, underlined by the artists’ witty, wicked sense of humour.


Irène Schweizer (Switzerland) – piano

Maggie Nicols (Scotland) – voice

Joëlle Léandre (France) – double bass

DATE: 24.10.2016 at 7 PM





Prior to Les Diaboliques’ performance at Manghha, we’ll get a chance to see the Krakow Improvisers Orchestra.

The masterminds behind this ensemble, formed in 2012, say that it is a “platform for improvisers to exchange their ideas”. To be more precise though, the Krakow Improvisers Orchestra is a dozen or so musicians from various backgrounds: academic and non-academic, free jazz an experimental, trained in both conducted and free improvisation. It’s a result of both research and intuition, but under the watchful eye of a conductor. The group specializes in conducted improvisation and graphic scores. The conducted improvisation is based on a system of signs an signals which refer to the basic elements of music, which is how the conductor communicates with the musicians.

In November of 2015, after three years of absence, the Krakow Improvisers Orchestra resumed operations. At the Manghha show the band line-up will be:

Paulina Owczarek – conduction, alto sax

Brianne Curran – violin

Tomek Chołoniewski – percussion

Michał Dymny – guitar

Michał Kiedrowski – violin

Wiktor Krzak – bassoon

Sebastian Mac – guitar

Adam Nyk – voice

Ernest Ogórek –double bass

Sławek Pezda – alto sax

Piotrek Przewoźniak – percussion

Their show will be a part of a series of showcases called Polish Improvised Music, which Krakow Jazz Autumn has been staging since 2008.

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