50th Anniversary of the London Jazz Composers Orchestra!

Five decades of music, seventeen improvisers and three extraordinary evenings in one extraordinary city. At the beginning of March, improvised jazz lovers will have something really special to look forward to!

As a prelude to this year’s 15th Krakow Jazz Autumn, a unique series of concerts will be held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the London Jazz Composers Orchestra.

Double bass virtuoso Barry Guy needs no introduction to Kraków’s dedicated audience. In March, we’ll have the unique opportunity to witness the performances of seventeen LJCO members in various configurations. The three-evening series will include two evenings of smaller formations (6 March in Alchemia & 7 March in the Manggha Museum), and the final concert of the entire orchestra on 8 March at Manggha Museum, preceded  in the first set by Flow 1 and Flow 2 (free groupings of various LJCO members). We will hear, among others, ‘Harmos’ (a favorite both with the audience and the musicians themselves) in a completely new version. Barry Guy is a frequent guest in Kraków – he has performed at Kraków Jazz Autumn with the Barry Guy New Orchestra, Blue Shroud Band, and in a duo with Ken Vandermark, among others.

Over the course of these last 50 years, almost 50 musicians from different countries, backgrounds and schools have contributed their ideas and their talent to the London Jazz Composers Orchestra. During these five decades, the group has been united by two things. The first one is their common goal to discover new, uncharted musical terrain. The second – Barry Guy’s captivating, inspiring talent.


3-DAY PASS (6-8 March 2020)

A 3-day pass for the London Jazz Composers Orchestra residency is available at 80 PLN
PASS (https://alchemia.com.pl/sklep/london-jazz-composers-orchestra-karnet/)


Tickets for individual days of the residency (concerts at Alchemia and the Manggha Museum)


DAY I (6. March – ALCHEMIA)

FIRST SET:  Simon Pickard, Michael Niesemann, Barry Guy, Lucas Niggli, Julius Gabriel, Henry Lowther, Andreas Tschopp, Connie Bauer, Rich Laughlin and Marc Unternährer

SECOND SET: Torben Snekkestad, Agustí  Fernàndez, Barry Guy, Phil Wachsmann, Alan Tomlinson, Martin Eberle, Jürg Wickihalder, Bruno Chevillon and Lucas Niggli

(TICKETS: https://alchemia.com.pl/sklep/dzien-i-male-sklady-06-marca-london-jazz-composers-orchestra/)



FIRST SET: Henry Lowther, Julius Gabriel,  Agustí  Fernàndez, Bruno Chevillon, Lucas Niggli, Barry Guy, Marc Unternährer, Michael Niesemann and Philipp Wachsmann

SECOND SET: Torben Snekkestad, Rich Laughlin, Martin Eberle, Alan Tomlinson, Connie Bauer, Simon Pickard,  Jürg Wickihalder, Andreas Tschopp, Bruno Chevillon, Barry Guy and Lucas Niggli

 TICKETS: ( https://alchemia.com.pl/sklep/dzien-ii-male-sklady-07-marca-manggha-london-jazz-composers-orchestra/)



TICKETS: (https://alchemia.com.pl/sklep/london-jazz-composers-orchestra-dzien-iii-final-manggha/)


London Jazz Composers Orchestra:


Barry Guy (United Kingdom) – bass, director

Agustí  Fernández (Spain) – piano

Michael Niesemann (Germany) – alto sax

Jürg Wickihalder (Switzerland) –  tenor  & soprano sax

Simon Picard (United Kingdom) – tenor sax

Julius Gabriel (Germany) – baritone sax

Konrad Bauer (Germany) – trombone

Andreas Tschopp (Switzerland ) – trombone

Alan Tomlinson (United Kingdom) – trombone

Henry Lowther (United Kingdom) – trumpet

Martin Eberle ( Austria) – trumpet

Rich Laughlin (Germany) – trumpet

Marc Unternährer (Switzerland) – tuba

Phil Wachsmann (United Kingdom) – violin

Bruno Chevillon (France) – bass

Lucas Niggli (Switzerland)   – drums & percussion

Torben Snekkestad (Norway) – soprano & tenor sax

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