Mikołaj Trzaska Solo

Photographic record from the Mikołaj Trzaska Solo concert, which took place on 7 October 2012 at the Alchemia club. Photos taken by Krzysztof Penarski.

An outstanding Polish multi-instrumentalist. He has played with celebrities of the European and American jazz scenes. In his opinion, one of the most important things in art is not to lose one’s one individuality.

Article: Krakow Jazz Autumn Reverb Majkowski/ Trzaska

Mike Majkowski Double Bass, graduated from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2005 completing his Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies with first class honours. He has performed nationally ad internationally with a number of Australia’s jazz greats including Mike Nock, Dale Barlow, Dave Panichi, Kristin Berardi, Elana Stone, Vince […]

ikona KJJ

Article: Krakow Jazz Autumn Reverb

We have the pleasure of informing all free jazz fans that we have created the “Kraków Jazz Autumn Reverb” to help them “hold out” until the autumn. During this cycle, we will be organising free jazz concerts alluding to the Festival’s ideals. We wish to invite musicians to perform on […]

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